About steute Meditech

STEUTE, founded in 1961, is located in Löhne, Germany … a short drive from Hannover. Today the firm employs 230 in our 250,000 square foot, IEC 13485-Certified headquarters facility.

Our “medical-grade” foot switch business was formed in 1996 … stimulated by the emergence of the Medical Device Directive. With more than 50 years of industrial-grade foot switch experience, STEUTE’s management recognized that the design requirements of the medical device OEM were fundamentally different from those of the typical industrial or commercial application.

Within this perspective, we have focused exclusively on the development and manufacture of “medical-grade” foot switches expressly designed to functionally, ergonomically, and aesthetically complement your medical device.

STEUTE … Setting the Standard for “Medical-Grade” Foot Switches™

Have questions? Please call (203) 244-6099 or write (info@steuteMeditech.com).